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September 7, 2006
Radio Equipment
KENWOOD completes shipment of all limited-edition units of its 60th anniversary amateur radio,
All-Mode Multibander "TS-2000 (Black Version)."
Orders received in Japan were over three times the planned number of limited-sale units,
and the target for number of units sold in overseas market was reached one month after product's release.
KENWOOD Corporation (President and CEO: Haruo Kawahara; Head Office: Hachioji, Tokyo), having decided to commercialize 60th Anniversary Models in each of its "sound" and "wireless radio" fields as part of its 60th anniversary campaign, previously announced a limited sale of the amateur radio All-Mode Multibander "TS-2000 (Black Version)" as the first of the 60th Anniversary Model series. KENWOOD is now pleased to announce that it has completed shipment of all its limited-edition models as the orders received during the application period in Japan were over three times the planned number of units for limited sale and those sold in overseas market almost reached the planned number of units within just one month of the product's release.
1. Status of Sales of Amateur Radio "TS-2000 (Black Version)"
The amateur radio All-Mode Multibander "TS-2000 (Black Version) that KENWOOD announced on Thursday, July 6 as the first of its 60th Anniversary Model series received a sensational public response. In Japan, the company planned a limited sale of 60 units, but received orders for over three times that amount during the application period between Wednesday, July 19 and Monday, August 21.
   Also in overseas markets (the Americas, Europe, and Asia including China), the pace at which KENWOOD has received orders for this limited version since its release in July, has been more than twice as fast as the orders for amateur radio systems of a similar specification that we normally sell. The number of units ordered almost reached 510, the planned number of units for limited sale, by the end of August, so the company completed shipment of all units today.
   KENWOOD takes this opportunity to express its sincere gratitude to those customers who have placed orders for this product.
2. Future Plans
For the second and third waves of its 60th Anniversary Model series, KENWOOD plans to launch additional prestige models featuring the highest levels of performance and class, from the field of "sound" in its home audio systems and car audio systems.
   On the heels of the first model released this time, KENWOOD will continue its endeavors to commercialize products that its customers will truly be satisfied with by mobilizing the traditional technologies and expertise that it has accumulated over many years, in combination with cutting-edge technologies, by applying them to products which will meet the needs of today's market, and by offering enjoyment of life to its customers.
The KENWOOD Corporation is "Reaching out to discover, inspire and enhance the enjoyment of life" as part of its bold, new vision for the future. A leader in "Mobile & Home Multimedia Systems", KENWOOD is comprised of three business units (Car Electronics, Communications and Home Electronics), 11 domestic and 22 overseas subsidiaries around the world.
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