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MAy 16, 2006
Information Contact:
KENWOOD Corporation
PMG Manager
Communications Equipment Div.
Yasushi Deura
Information Contact:
Icom Incorporated
General Manager
Export Sales Department
Kenji Asano
Information Contact:
Trident Micro Systems
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Rhett Grotzinger
TEL: 828-684-7474
KENWOOD and ICOM Announce Strategic Alliance with Trident Micro Systems
(Las Vegas, NV - May 16, 2006) KENWOOD Corporation, ICOM Incorporated, and TRIDENT MICRO SYSTEMS announced today that they plan to form a strategic alliance to develop a new generation of digital networking systems. TRIDENT MICRO SYSTEMS is expected to join the previously announced KENWOOD and ICOM working alliance which jointly developed a common air interface for digital radio systems demonstrated at IWCE 2005.  A strategic goal of this alliance will be to accommodate seamless migration from current analog systems to new digital technologies with boundary free expansion.
Further actions and details will be announced later from the alliance parties.
About KENWOOD Corporation (https://www.kenwood.co.jp/en/)
KENWOOD Corporation with 11 domestic and 22 overseas subsidiaries around the world has been a global leader since its foundation in 1946 in Radio Communications Equipment and Mobile & Home Multimedia Systems. Of KENWOOD’s three business units, Car Electronics, Home Electronics and Communications Equipment, the Communications Sector has achieved a leading presence in the worldwide marketplace through the development, manufacture and sales of land mobile radio (LMR), amateur radio and low-power radio equipment for analog and digital systems.
About Icom Incorporated (https://www.icom.co.jp/world/index.html)
ICOM Inc. has been a world leader in radio communications for over 40 years. One of a few organizations that manufacture a total radio line-up of Land Mobile, Marine, Amateur, Air Band and Communications Receivers, ICOM's technological prowess is legendary. ICOM continues to lead the industry with the development of digital technologies to provide the future in radio communications to the world.
About Trident Micro Systems (https://www.tridentms.com/)
Trident Micro Systems, headquartered in Arden, North Carolina, designs and manufacturers innovative high quality products for Trunked radio system and network operators worldwide. Trident is the developer of the PASSPORT® trunking protocol and NTS® digital infrastructure that offers wide area dispatch networking capability.
This press release is the presentation of matters regarding KENWOOD, Icom and Trident Micro Systems to the general public, and was not prepared for the solicitation of investments.
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