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March 20, 2006
Home Electronics
New Product Announcement
KENWOOD launches desktop Hi-Fi audio system to enjoy high-quality sound with digital audio players,
and other equipment, indoors!
While compact in size, this system makes rich and varied musical reproduction possible through KENWOOD's pure audio technology.
KENWOOD Corporation (President & CEO: Haruo Kawahara; Head Office: Hachioji, Tokyo) is pleased to announce that from the end of March it will launch KA-S10 and LS-S10 in Japan market, a new integrated amplifier and speaker system that makes it possible to reproduce high-quality music by connecting to portable audio players, personal computers, and other equipment.
Item Model No. Recommended price Launch date
Integrated amplifier KA-S10 Open price End of March
Speaker system LS-S10 Open price End of March
Background to Launch and Product Outline
As portable digital audio players ("DAPs") and music distribution services are becoming increasingly popular in the current home electronics market, there is a growing market need to enjoy music stored on DAPs and personal computers ("PCs") indoors.
Given this market background, from the end of March KENWOOD will launch KA-S10 and LS-S10 in Japan market, a new integrated amplifier and speaker system that makes it possible to effortlessly reproduce high-quality music by simply connecting it to PCs or portable audio products, such as DAPs.
Coming in separate amplifier and speaker units, this desktop hi-fi audio system is capable of high audio performance and can be arranged in various layouts depending upon how it is to be used. For instance, the system will make it possible to enjoy richly expressive musical reproduction without having a large footprint by connecting it to Media KEG, KENWOOD's portable audio player.
The integrated amplifier KA-S10, while being compact in size, comes with a high-power 12W+12W amplifier that incorporates KENWOOD's various high sound-quality technologies, and makes it possible to reproduce music of any type and class in high sound-quality. With the idea of connecting it to multiple pieces of equipment, KA-S10 also comes with three separate, gold-coated input terminals meant for high sound-quality reproduction, one of which is designed to possess high input-sensitivity to permit connection to portable equipment such as DAPs, which have low audio output. The accessory stand also flexibly allows the integrated amplifier to be placed in a vertical position.
Coming in a compact cabinet, the speaker system LS-S10 allows rich and varied musical reproduction, even at low volume, by drawing fully upon the high sound-quality technologies that KENWOOD has accumulated for many years, including a wafer unit that uses square voice coils and a tweeter capable of sound reproduction at 100 kHz.
KENWOOD, as a audio manufacturer setting out in portable audio equipment, is pleased to make its new proposal for this seamless audio system to enjoy high sound-quality musical reproduction indoors by connecting to PCs and portable audio equipment, such as DAPs.
Main Features of Integrated Amplifier KA-S10
1. Three separate input terminals capable of connecting independently to portable audio players, portable MDs/CDs, PCs, etc.
2. High-power amplifier capable of dealing with low impedance
3. N.B. Circuit, a low-pitched sound control function
4. 3.5 mm-thick, rigid aluminum panel
5. Banana plug-compatible, gold-coated speaker terminals
6. Flexible installation configuration permitting vertical or horizontal layout
Main Features of Speaker System LS-S10
1. Wafer unit with square voice coils
2. Diaphragm coated with multiple layers enables clear reproduction of low-pitched sound
3. Tweeter capable of sound reproduction at 100 kHz and maintaining flat frequency characteristics at high bandwidth
4. MDF material capable of generating smooth, lingering sound
5. Network circuit and banana plug-compatible, gold-coated speaker terminals making it possible to reproduce excellent sound quality
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