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March 2, 2006
Press Release
KENWOOD brings perfected Pure Audio high quality sound technology to Bandai's "LITTLE JAMMER* PRO. tuned by KENWOOD" entertainment audio product.
KENWOOD Corporation (President and CEO: Haruo Kawahara; Head Office: Hachioji, Tokyo) has agreed to supply Bandai Co., Ltd. (President: Kazunori Ueno; Head Office: Taito-ku, Tokyo) with the high quality sound technology perfected by its Pure Audio field for Bandai's "LITTLE JAMMER PRO. tuned by KENWOOD" announced today, an entertainment audio product for adults (on sale late May, 52,500 Japanese yen tax incl.).
KENWOOD has in the past provided its Pure Audio technology to the toy world through Bandai's "LITTLE JAMMER meets KENWOOD" (21,000 yen tax incl.) launched in Japan in February 2004, a collaboration that realized an entertainment audio product that went beyond the realm of toys.
KENWOOD has made extensive efforts to realize the new "LITTLE JAMMER PRO. tuned by KENWOOD," based on the concept of aiming to create a whole new world of entertainment audio. KENWOOD's Sound Meister was deeply involved in the product's construction from the start, for example making changes such as increasing the precision of the digital sound from 8 bits to 16 bits. In fact, this expert of digital sound separately tuned every speaker to the musical instrument's frequency range for maximum fidelity, and increased cabinet strength, introduced compensation to eliminate unwanted vibrations, and made other contributions involving reconsideration of the entire product as a Pure Audio speaker system. In addition, the Sound Meister similarly performed a painstaking review of its electrical system to ensure faithful reproduction of fundamental tones, which included scrutiny of the sound emitted by each electronic component, and suppression of distortion and interference. As a result of these efforts, the system reproduces a wonderfully clear and expressive sound, with a degree of perfection that allows the performer to effortlessly convey the intended mood.
By taking this approach, KENWOOD aims to fulfill its corporate vision, "Reaching out to discover, inspire and enhance the enjoyment of life." By enabling as many people as possible to enjoy high quality sound, KENWOOD continues to cultivate new worlds of "sound entertainment."
Overview of Bandai Co.,Ltd.
Name: Bandai Co., Ltd.
President: Kazunori Ueno (President and Representative Director)
Location: 1-4-8 Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-8081
Established:   July 5, 1950
Capital: 24.664 billion yen (as of September 30, 2005)
Websites: https://www.bandai.co.jp/
https://LIVEHOUR.jp/ljpro/ (LITTLE JAMMER PRO. homepage)
*LITTLE JAMMER is a trademark of Bandai Co.,Ltd. registered in Japan.
The KENWOOD Corporation is “Reaching out to discover, inspire and enhance the enjoyment of life” as part of its bold, new vision for the future. A leader in “Mobile & Home Multimedia Systems”, KENWOOD is comprised of three business units (Car Electronics, Communications and Home Electronics), 12 domestic and 24 overseas subsidiaries around the world.

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