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KENWOOD Corporation introduces the world's first portable CD player compatible with Microsoft's audio format, WMA. Compatible with WMA and MP3 formats in addition to audio CDs!

KENWOOD Corporation (President: Kaku Sakaida; Head Office: Shibuya, Tokyo) has developed the DPC-MP727, the world's first portable CD player compatible with Microsoft Corporation's WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. The DPC-MP727 is scheduled for release in the spring of 2001.

Product Model No. Launch
WMA/MP3-compatible Portable CD Player DPC-MP727 2001 (Spring)


Product Background

The electronic distribution of music is a reality. In addition to existing audio formats, there are now several PC-oriented data formats, but so far there has been little compatibility with existing audio equipment. Playback thus tends to depend on dedicated PC software.

Solid-state storage devices have been used in portable players, but because of their high cost and low storage capacity (extra memory remains costly), sales growth has been slow.

The DPC-MP727 currently under development does not just offer playback of audio CD and CD-R/RW discs: this CD player is equipped with an MP3 decoder of the sort used widely in the computer world, and it is also the first of its kind to use Microsoft's WMA decoder. In other words, it is compatible with the audio files created on PCs and stored on CD-R/RW media. Data compression makes it possible to record over 100 songs on a single low-cost disc, making this an ideal way to enjoy digital music.

Product Overview

KENWOOD's epoch-making DPC-MP727 portable CD player not only plays audio CDs, but also allows playback of MP3 and WMA data recorded on CD-R/RW discs. Using either the MP3 or WMA audio format, over 100 tracks can be recorded on a single disc, thus eliminating the need to change CDs and allowing hours of continuous listening enjoyment. With a 160-second D.A.S.C. plus wide capture capability, the DPC-MP727 offers superb anti-vibration performance, in addition to features such as BASS Boost for enhancement of sound quality. KENWOOD is dedicated to advancing the development of both functionality and sound quality, aiming for total customer satisfaction.

WMA (Windows Media Audio)

WMA is a new audio codec developed by Microsoft Corporation. Compared with traditional CD data, this new format offers a maximum compression ratio of 1:20. Data encoding is performed by the Windows Media Player 7 software bundled with Windows Millennium Edition (released in 2000). Windows Media Player 7 is also offered as a free download from Microsoft's servers, and may be installed on computers with Windows 98 and Windows 2000 operating systems.

Please note that the product details described in this press release are still tentative and therefore subject to change up until the product's actual release.

For queries regarding the DPC-MP727, please contact:

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