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KENWOOD Develops A New Patented Audio Enhancement Technology for Compressed Audio

This new technology is compatible with all compressed audio formats

June 20, 2000 -- KENWOOD has developed a new audio enhancement codec that more accurately reproduces high-frequency data lost during the playback of compressed audio formats.

Looking to enhance its reputation as a world-class audio company, capitalize on the growing popularity of Internet audio format downloads (MP3, etc.) and to position itself as a supplier of high-quality audio in the electronic music distribution era, KENWOOD's new development will provide premium audio playback of compressed audio formats -- especially at higher frequencies.

"One of the limitations to high-quality playback of compressed audio formats is the loss of high-frequency information that occurs during compression," said Mr. Hattori, General Manager of KENWOOD's development team. "Our proprietary algorithm analyzes the compressed data using correlation with recorded audio data and interpolates the harmonics, especially for high frequencies." Additionally, this technology can also be used to improve the fidelity of FM playback.


Sample data: MP3

KENWOOD's new audio enhancement technology is compatible with all compressed audio formats on the market, providing an excellent opportunity for current compressed audio formats to improve sound quality during playback. And KENWOOD has already been awarded patents worldwide for their outstanding technology.

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