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Compaq, No.1 PC manufacturer, chooses KENWOOD's world-class 52X TrueX speed CD-ROM drive for its computers

Compaq, the world's largest PC manufacturer, has officially chosen the 52X TrueX speed CD-ROM drive, fastest in the world, for its own computers. The TrueX (model no. UCR-412) is produced by Japan's KENWOOD Corporation (President: Makoto Oka; Head Office: Tokyo, Shibuya), and the company has already begun OEM supplies to Compaq.


Throughout the history of the personal computer, PC users have clearly demonstrated that they are always looking for improvements in performance. For their part, computer manufacturers have responded by developing or seeking out new technologies that will meet this demand. One such company is the US-based Compaq. After conducting tests on the world's fastest CD-ROM drive, the 52X TrueX UCR-412 marketed by KENWOOD, Compaq engineers were very impressed by both its performance (data transfer rates) and its quiet operation. As a result, Compaq has announced that it will be equipping its own computers with the UCR-412.

The CD-ROM drives that form the mainstream in today's market employ CAV technology: the disc is spun at a fixed angular velocity, leading to a considerable variation in the speed at which data is accessed, especially if one compares the inside and outside tracks of the disc. Even "x50 max. speed" models can realize a transfer rate no better than x20 from the innermost tracks. Also, solutions have yet to be found for the problems of noise and vibration that arise when spinning discs at such high speeds.

In contrast, the 52X TrueX CD-ROM drive previously announced by KENWOOD employs multi-beam technology, developed in conjunction with US-based Zen Research. This is essentially CLV as opposed to CAV, so the speed at which data is read off the disc is virtually the same for all tracks, from innermost to outermost. This enables extraordinarily high transfer rates: a maximum speed of x52 and an average speed of x50. Also, since the disc is spun at relatively low speeds, ranging from 4,750rpm for the innermost tracks to 1,900rpm for the outermost, both noise and vibration are significantly reduced. The TrueX CD-ROM drive can thus realize greater stability and precision in data-read operations.


Shipments of Compaq computers featuring KENWOOD's 52X TrueX CD-ROM drive have already begun: the Presario Series from late February, the Prosignia Series and Deskpro Series from mid-March.

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