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All-Mode Transceiver  TS-790A/E

Demonstrating the full potential of an all-mode transceiver equipped with advanced electronics, the powerful TS-790A/E sets the pace in terms of both features and performance. As well as dual-channel watch and full-duplex cross-band operation, it offers 59 multi-function memory channels. And when equipped with the optional 23-cm band unit, it offers tri-band coverage for maximum versatility. Feature for feature, there's no better way to explore the expanding world of VHF and UHF communications.

Features at a glance:

2 m/70 cm dual-band operation
Optional 23 cm capability
All-mode operation
Satellite communications with Doppler effect frequency correction
59 multi-function memory channels with lithium battery back-up

TS-790A/E in detail:

Up to 45 watts of RF output power
In CW and FM modes, the TS-790A/E provides 45 watts (2 m) or 40 watts (70 cm) of power. RF output with the optional UT-10 (23 cm) unit is 10 watts.

High-sensitivity receiver
Our GaAs FET RF amplifier and improved antenna switching circuit enhance sensitivity and expand dynamic range across the entire frequency spectrum.

All-mode operation
You can instantly choose from USB, LSB, CW, CW (Narrow), and FM modes. International Morse Code confirms the selected mode.

Dual-channel watch function with dual muting
The TS-790A/E can simultaneously receive 2 m and 70 cm bands, 2 m and 23 cm bands, or 70 cm and 23 cm bands. Optimum receiver performance is assured thanks to the 12 dB audio output attenuator, which can be switched into the main-band and sub-band circuits.

Band exchange function (main/sub)
Adjacent MAIN and SUB keys on the front panel facilitate selection of the desired band. Pressing the band exchange key automatically switches between main and sub bands.

Optional CTCSS tone decoder* for main and sub bands
The optional TSU-5 programmable tone decoder unit provides 37-tone CTCSS operation for a total of 38 sub-tone frequencies (the encoder includes a 97.4Hz tone). These may be selected using the main knob or UP/DOWN keys on the microphone.
*Available for TS-790A only

Satellite communications with frequency correction
You can programme offset frequencies for improved communications with satellites.

59 multi-function memory channels with lithium battery back-up
For greater convenience and operating ease, the TS-790A/E offers 59 memory channels to store information on frequency, mode, tone, offset and Quick-Step tuning. 10 split memory channels store transmit and receive frequencies independently for repeater or split-frequency operations.

Memory scroll and memory shift
The memory scroll function can be used to check memory channel data or to find a vacant channel on the display without changing operating frequency or mode. Also, when a frequency is recalled from memory, rotating the VFO knob automatically restores VFO control beginning at the recalled frequency.

Convenient scan functions
In addition to band scan, the TS-790A/E provides memory scan for all 59 memory channels; programmable memory channel lock-out allows selected channels to be skipped without data loss. Other features include programmable band scan (for frequencies stored in memory), as well as 2 scan stop modes: carrier-operated (stops on a busy channel for as long as the signal is present) and time-operated (stops for 5 seconds on each busy channel).

Other Features:

Dual digital VFOs for each band
Call channel function
Auto-mode and auto repeater offset
Repeater reverse switch
Separate main/sub frequency displays, S meters, SQL & AF controls
Channel Quick-Step tuning
Direct frequency entry
Separate speaker switch
Selectable band key and incremental MHz Key
Optional IF-232C interface for computer control
Built-in speech processor with audio compression amplifier
CW narrow filter (500 Hz)
IF shift function
RF output power control

Dimensions (W x H x D)

330 x 120 x 330 mm (13.0 x 4.72 x 13.0 in.)

Please note that not all features and options may be available for the model sold in your region.
Operation of DTSS, Pager, DTMF, and CTCSS is subject to local regulations.

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