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HF Transceiver  TS-50S

As small as it is, the TS-50S packs a powerful punch. Maximum output is 100 W, and there is an impressive range of features -- including 100 memory channels, DDS with innovative step logic control, and AIP for superior dynamic range. IF shift and CW reverse mode help reduce interference, while TF-SET facilitates split-frequency operations. Ensuring user-friendly operation on the move is a convenient menu system, which can also be accessed via the multi-function microphone. And there are several attractive options available to make the TS-50S even more versatile.

Features at a glance:

160 m ~ 10 m transceiver amateur operation
500 kHz ~ 30 MHz general coverage receiver
DDS with "fuzzy logic" control
AIP system
100 memory channels
CW reverse
Menu system

TS-50S in detail:

160 m ~ 10 m amateur band operation
The TS-50S offers transmit/receive performance equivalent to that of most large HF transceivers on the market. All modes -- LSB, USB, CW, AM and FM -- are built-in.

AIP (Advanced Intercept Point)
Further enhancing the first-class receiver performance of the TS-50S -- with a significantly reduced noise floor level -- is our AIP system. This exclusive circuit design is capable of raising dynamic range to 105 dB.

Powerful menu system
User-friendliness enters a new dimension with these versatile menus. First featured on the top-of-the-line TS-950SDX, this system allows the operator to select CW full or semi break-in, change repeater sub-tone, adjust microphone UP/DOWN step size, and perform many other operations using just a few keys. The menus are also accessible via the supplied microphone.

DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) with step logic control
We've introduced step logic control circuitry to enable the main encoder to tune smoothly from 5 Hz steps to fast forward mode. The operator may also select torque settings: high for mobile use, low for stationary applications.

Comprehensive interference reduction

  • CW reverse mode
    This reverses the pitch of interference competing with the CW signal, allowing the operator to approach the desired signal from either side.
  • All-mode squelch
    The squelch circuit effectively suppresses undesirable background noise when there is no signal present.
  • Switchable AGC circuit (SLOW/FAST)
    AGC (automatic gain control) can be changed via the menu system. This ensures optimum receiver operation in SSB, AM and CW modes under all signal strength conditions.
  • IF shift
    The IF passband is moved away from interfering signals, thus maximizing gain and signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Noise blanker
    Pulse-type interference, such as ignition noise, can be eliminated.
  • 20 dB RF attenuator

100 memory channels
The TS-50S is equipped with 100 channels for independent storage of transmit and receive parameters such as frequency, mode, and filter setting. Memory shift (for transfer of data to the VFOs), memory scroll, and memory protect functions are also provided.

Easy-to-use scan functions
The memory channels can be scanned either continuously or in groups; channel 99 stores the upper and lower limits for programmable band scan. Scan speed is variable, and selected channels can be skipped without data loss using the lock-out function. The TS-50S also offers a carrier-operated scan stop mode.

Dual VFOs (A and B)
VFO data is stored independently for each band, so even after switching bands the previously used frequency will still be available.

Provided for split-frequency operations and DX applications, TF-SET is available when the receive frequency is locked, so the operator can avoid losing a targeted DX station.

Multi-function microphone supplied
The TS-50S is similar to our other VHF mobile transceivers in more than just looks: this HF rig is compatible with remote-control microphones featuring 4 programmable function keys.

Optional external antenna tuner (AT-50)
Accurate tuning, even at band edges, is initiated simply by pressing the AT TUNE key on the TS-50S. Band data is transferred to the tuner, so there is no need to operate the AT-50 directly and it can be installed in an automobile trunk. (The optional PG-4M is required to mount the AT-50 remotely.)

Other Features:

RF output power control (100 W, 50 W, 10 W)
Auto-mode capability
Full break-in and semi break-in
Large LCD panel with digital bar meter
Auto power-off
Optional 500 Hz CW filter (YK-107C)
Optional automatic antenna tuner (AT-50 or AT-300)
Optional SO-2 temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO)
Optional computer interface adapters (IF-10D, IF-232C)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

179 x 60 x 233 mm (7.06 x 2.38 x 9.12 in.)

Please note that not all features and options may be available for the model sold in your region.
Operation of DTSS, Pager, DTMF, and CTCSS is subject to local regulations.

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