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FM Mobile Transceiver  TM-742A/E

The distinctive TM-742A/E (2 m/70 cm) is a high-performance FM multibander that demonstrates the very best in mobile transceiver technology. Besides offering triple receive and display capabilities, it can even receive three bands simultaneously (requires optional band units). And you can mount the controls and display separately (with an optional kit) for unique 3-way convenience.

Features at a glance:

2 m/70 cm dual-band operation
Tri-band operation with optional FM band units
Dual/triple receive
101 memory channels per band
Detachable display and control panels (option)

TM-742A/E in detail:

Triple receive function with triple display
The TM-742A/E has a maximum output of 50 watts (2 m) and 35 watts (70 cm). There are also four optional FM band units -- 10 m (50 watts), 6 m (50 watts), 1.25 m (25 watts)*, 70 cm (35 watts), and 23 cm (10 watts) -- to endow the TM-742A/E with tri-band status. For low-power operations, there are 5- and 10-watt settings (1 W with the 23-cm band unit).
*Not available in Europe

Detachable front panel kit (option)
Using the optional DFK-4 or DFK-7 cable kit, the main unit can be installed in the trunk. And all three kits (DFK-3, DFK-4 & DFK-7) allow the display and controls to be mounted separately -- on either side of the steering wheel, for example.

Built-in DTSS selective calling with pager
The built-in Dual-Tone Selective Squelch (DTSS) allows DTMF access to the transceiver, meaning that the squelch is opened only when a specific 3-digit code is received. Also, a page function alerts the you to incoming calls and opens the squelch if the receiver has been programmed to accept a certain DTMF tone group.

101 memory channels & memory bank system
For each band, there are 100 memory channels-divided into 5 banks-plus 1 call channel. These store frequency, tone frequency, tone status, CTCSS status, STEP, SHIFT, REV, DTSS and DTSS code data. Each channel can store transmit and receive frequencies independently for odd split repeaters. Also, adjacent memory banks may be linked, and the amount of memory used in each bank is displayed.

Flexible scan and scan stop modes
In addition to full band and programmable band scans, there is memory scan with programmable memory channel lock-out, single memory bank scan, MHz scan (scans a 1 MHz range), and auto memory scan (memorizes the frequencies of busy channels), as well as C/V/M, C/V and C/M scans which alternately scan between the call channel and the last frequency (VFO and/or memory). Scan stop modes include TO (stops on a busy channel for 5 seconds, then resumes), and CO (stops on a busy channel and resumes scan 2 seconds after the signal drops out).

Tone alert system with elapsed time indicator
The tone alert system can be activated independently for each band. Elapsed time (up to 59 hours 59 minutes) and the number of calls (up to 15) also appear on the display.

Single-bander simplicity
Rapid response is assured by independent SQL and VOL controls for each band. The VOL knobs also function as band select keys, while the three LEDs double as control select keys.

Selectable frequency step
For convenience the following steps are available: 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25 kHz.

S meter squelch
This enables you to determine what signal strength is required to open the squelch or to stop scanning; weaker signals will be ignored. Noise squelch and auto squelch are also available.

Optional CTCSS unit (TSU-7)
Any 38 sub-tone frequency can be selected and stored in any memory channel for instant recall. Moreover, the optional TSU-7 tone decoder unit provides all 37 EIA-standard CTCSS frequencies.

Other Features:

Separate antenna and speaker terminals for each band
Separate control & display units (optional cable kits)
Automatic band change
Sub-band muting circuit
High-visibility illuminated keys
Multi-function microphone (supplied)
Multiple lock functions
Date & time display, stopwatch, alarm & on/off timer
Time-out timer
Auto power-off with warning beeper

Dimensions (W x H x D)

150 x 50 x 175 mm (5.91 x 1.97 x 6.89 in.)

Please note that not all features and options may be available for the model sold in your region.
Operation of DTSS, Pager, DTMF, and CTCSS is subject to local regulations.

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