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Mobile Transceiver   TM-261/461A

Mobile communications just got easier thanks to KENWOOD's TM-261A (2m) and TM-461A (70cm) single banders -- fully equipped and supremely user-friendly.

Features at a glance:

High RF power output
Rugged construction (MIL-STD)
61 multi-function memory channels plus 1 call channel
Memory Name (MN) function with 6-digit alphanumeric display
DTSS selective calling
Multi-scan capability
Dual menu system
Multi-function microphone with backlit keys

TM-261A/461A in detail:

High RF power output
The TM-261A and TM-461A put out an impressive 50 watts and 35 watts, respectively. Both models also have mid- and low-power settings.

Meets MIL-STD requirements
Strict MIL-STD environmental standards for vibration (MIL-STD 810C) and physical shock (MIL-STD 810D) are fully complied with.

61 multi-function memory channels plus 1 call channel
For quick access, essential data -- transmit and receive frequencies, frequency step, tone frequency, etc. -- can be stored in the 62 memory channels. All channels can store transmit and receive frequencies independently for odd split repeaters.

Memory Name (MN) function
All 62 channels can be identified alphanumerically (max. 6 characters) instead of by frequency. This is particularly convenient for repeaters and club channels. It is also possible to switch to a channel number display.

DTSS selective calling
Built-in DTSS (Dual-Tone Squelch System) allows DTMF access: the squelch is opened only when a specific 3-digit code has been received. Using the wildcard asterisk, group calling is also possible.

Multi-scan capability
Choose from several scan modes: full band scan, programmable band scan, and memory scan with programmable memory channel lock-out. There are also 2 scan stop modes: TO (time-operated) and CO (carrier-operated).

Dual menu system
Two menu modes -- A and B -- offer full control over such settings as frequency step and the time-out timer, when required.

DTMF memory function
Up to ten 15-digit DTMF codes with ID can be stored for auto-dial and autopatch use. Redial is also provided.

Built-in CTCSS tone encoder and optional decoder
The optional decoder enables the setting of different tones for transmit and receive.

Optional backlit DTMF microphone (supplied with some versions)
This multi-function microphone has backlit keys to facilitate operation in low-light situations.

Other Features:

Tone scan
Wireless cloning function
Auto repeater offset (TM-261A)
Repeater reverse switch
Lock function
Busy channel lockout
Auto power-off
Time-out timer

Dimensions (W x H x D)

140 x 40 x 160.5 mm (5.51 x 1.57 x 6.31 in.)

Please note that not all features and options may be available for the model sold in your region.
Operation of DTSS, Pager, DTMF, and CTCSS is subject to local regulations.

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