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FM Mobile Transceiver  TM-241E

Back to basics with our reliable single-band TM-241E (2 m). It provides the unmistakably user-friendly operation that people associate with the "KENWOOD" name -- complete with an extra-large display and illuminated switches.

Features at a glance:

2 m single-band operation
20 multi-function memory channels plus call channel
Multi-scan capability
Selectable CTCSS tone encoder
Multi-function microphone supplied

TM-241E in detail:

Ample RF power output
Despite the compact design, RF output is a robust 50 watts. There are also settings for 10- and 5-watt low power operation.

Easy-to-read illuminated keys plus large LCD display
Whether at night or in direct sunlight, error-free operation is facilitated by the transceiver's ergonomically designed control panel with it's backlit keys and large multi-function LCD window. A dimmer controls LCD brightness in 4 steps to suit various lighting conditions.

20 multi-function memory channels plus call channel
To facilitate mobile operation, the TM-241E features 20 memory channels for storage of frequency, tone/CTCSS frequency, tone on/off status, and REV data. Of these, 3 channels are used for DTSS codes and another 4 store transmit and receive frequencies independently for odd split repeaters.

Multi-scan capability
The operator can choose from several scan modes: full band scan, programmable band scan, and memory scan with programmable memory channel lock-out (to skip selected channels without erasing data stored in them). There are also 2 scan stop modes: TO (time-operated) and CO (carrier-operated). In addition, the AL key activates an intermittent scan of the priority alert channel (1), sounding a double beep if it is busy.

Tone alert system with elapsed time indicator
When activated, this function will sound a 10-second beeper and display a bell symbol to signal the presence of an incoming signal. Both elapsed time (up to 59 hours 59 minutes) and the number of calls (up to 15) are displayed. With the optional TSU-6 and/or DTU-2 installed, the bell symbol flashes to indicate a call for the operator to return.

DTSS (Dual Tone Squelch System)
When the optional DTU-2 unit is installed, the DTSS function enables DTMF access, opening the squelch only when a specific 3-digit code has been received. The DTSS code transmit delay time can be selected (450 ms/750 ms/850 ms/1000 ms) to ensure efficient operation through repeaters.

Pager function
The optional DTU-2 unit also enables a pager function to alert the operator to a call and open the squelch. The receiver is programmed to accept a specific DTMF tone group (3-digit group code + 3-digit private code). The tone group of the calling station is indicated on the display.

Other Features:

Built-in selectable CTCSS tone encoder
Auto power-off with warning beeper
Time-out timer
Triple lock functions
Optional digital recording unit (DRU-1)
Repeater reverse and offset switch
Multi-function microphone supplied

Dimensions (W x H x D)

140 x 40 x 160 mm (5.51 x 1.57 x 6.3 in.)

Please note that not all features and options may be available for the model sold in your region.
Operation of DTSS, Pager, DTMF, and CTCSS is subject to local regulations.

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