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Amateur Radio Upgrade Information May 16, 2008
We are pleased to announce a new firmware version 2 for TM-V71A/E, TM-D710A/E series and RC-D710.
TM-V71A/TM-V71E TM-D710A/TM-D710E RC-D710
Firmware Version 2 Upgrade
SmartBeaconing™(new)  ...  TM-D710A/E, RC-D710
Simultaneous use on EchoLink® and APRS®  ...  TM-D710A/E
Programmable APRS® function for MIC PF key *1  ...  TM-D710A/E
Improved APRS® Direction Icon visibility  ...  TM-D710A/E, RC-D710
Improved Auto Brightness (now 2 levels up)  ...  TM-V71A/E, TM-D710A/E, RC-D710
MIC Sensitivity (Low/Medium/High) Selection  ...  TM-V71A/E, TM-D710A/E
  *1 : The following functions can now be programed for the TM-D710A/E MIC PF key :
  M.LIST : Message List Display
  S.LIST : Station List Display
  MSG.NEW :   New Message
  REPLY : Replay Message
  POS : Position Display
  P.MON I: Packet Monitor
  BCON : Transmit Beacon
  DX : DX Packet Cluster Display
  WXi : Weather Station information
Firmware Release May 2008 (can be downloaded from KENWOOD web site)
Production Release May 2008
Introduction Dayton Hamvention (USA)  May16-18
SmartBeaconing™ from HamHUD Nichetronix
EchoLink® is a registered trademark of Synergenics, LLC
APRS® is a registered trademark of Bob Bruninga
  Copyright 2008 KENWOOD Corporation