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Information about GNU GPL/LGPL

This model includes software to receive the following GNU General Public License (called "GPL" from now) or GNU Lesser General Public License (called "LGPL" from now) application. We inform you about the following rights, acquisition of the source code, changes and re-distribution.

The source code is made available in compliance with GPL.
Please confirm this page about GPL
GPL (GNU General Public License)

Please confirm this page about LGPL
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)

Please remember that we are not ready for answering the customer's inquiries and questions concerning the details of the source codes.

GPL files are available to download from below URL.
file name size
linux-2.4.18-rmk6-keg.tar.gz 29,790KB
busybox-0.60.5-keg.tar.gz 771KB
glibc-2.2.5-keg.tar.gz 15,714KB
usb-ohci-keg.tar.gz 29KB

When you download "xxx.tar.gz" file, its file name may change to "xxx.tar.tar" depending on your PC environment.
In that case, please change the file name to "xxx.tar.gz" and save it.

GPL components are licensed without warranties of any kinds, either express or impliedwarranties, including without limitation the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness fora particular purpose. The entire risk as the quality and performance of these components is withyou. Please check the respective license agreement for more details.
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