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JVC KENWOOD declares that the following model is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provision of EU Directive.

Amateur Radio

Product Name File Download File Size(KB)
TK-3401D-E pdf[View] [Download] 482KB
TK-3401D-T pdf[View] [Download] 482KB
TK-3501-E pdf[View] [Download] 709KB
TK-3501-T pdf[View] [Download] 709KB
TK-3601D-E pdf[View] [Download] 721KB
TK-3701D-E pdf[View] [Download] 771KB
TK-3701D-T pdf[View] [Download] 771KB
PKT-23-E pdf[View] [Download] 716KB
PKT-23-T pdf[View] [Download] 716KB

Amateur Radio

Product Name File Download File Size(KB)
TH-D72E pdf[View] [Download] 446KB
TH-D74E pdf[View] [Download] 518KB
TH-K20E pdf[View] [Download] 522KB
TH-K40E pdf[View] [Download] 520KB
TM-281E pdf[View] [Download] 689KB
TM-D710GE pdf[View] [Download] 765KB
TM-V71E pdf[View] [Download] 765KB
TS-2000 pdf[View] [Download] 134KB
TS-2000X pdf[View] [Download] 134KB
TS-480HX pdf[View] [Download] 433KB
TS-480SAT pdf[View] [Download] 433KB
TS-590SG pdf[View] [Download] 508KB
TS-890S pdf[View] [Download] 449KB
TS-990S pdf[View] [Download] 450KB


Product Name File Download File Size(KB)
NX-200G-E pdf[View] [Download] 434KB
NX-200G-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 434KB
NX-220-E pdf[View] [Download] 464KB
NX-220-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 464KB
NX-220-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 464KB
NX-230EX-E pdf[View] [Download] 758KB
NX-300G-E pdf[View] [Download] 434KB
NX-300G-E4 pdf[View] [Download] 434KB
NX-320-E pdf[View] [Download] 464KB
NX-320-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 464KB
NX-320-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 464KB
NX-330EX-E pdf[View] [Download] 758KB
NX-700-E pdf[View] [Download] 441KB
NX-720-E pdf[View] [Download] 453KB
NX-720G-E pdf[View] [Download] 453KB
NX-800-E pdf[View] [Download] 441KB
NX-820-E pdf[View] [Download] 453KB
NX-820G-E pdf[View] [Download] 453KB
NX-1200-E pdf[View] [Download] 771KB
NX-1200-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 771KB
NX-1200-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 771KB
NX-1300-E pdf[View] [Download] 771KB
NX-1300-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 771KB
NX-1300-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 771KB
NX-3200-E pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3200-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3200-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3220-E pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3220-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3220-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3300-E pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3300-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3300-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3320-E pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3320-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3320-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 489KB
NX-3720G-E pdf[View] [Download] 528KB
NX-3720-E pdf[View] [Download] 528KB
NX-3820G-E pdf[View] [Download] 528KB
NX-3820-E pdf[View] [Download] 528KB
NX-5200-E pdf[View] [Download] 703KB
NX-5200-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 703KB
NX-5300-E pdf[View] [Download] 703KB
NX-5300-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 703KB
NX-5700-E pdf[View] [Download] 731KB
NX-5800-E pdf[View] [Download] 731KB
NXR-700-E pdf[View] [Download] 465KB
NXR-700-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 72KB
NXR-710-E pdf[View] [Download] 711KB
NXR-800-E pdf[View] [Download] 465KB
NXR-800-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 465KB
NXR-800-E4 pdf[View] [Download] 72KB
NXR-810-E pdf[View] [Download] 711KB
NXR-5700-E pdf[View] [Download] 708KB
NXR-5800-E pdf[View] [Download] 708KB
TK-2000-E pdf[View] [Download] 707KB
TK-2000-T pdf[View] [Download] 707KB
TK-2180-E pdf[View] [Download] 454KB
TK-2302-1 pdf[View] [Download] 468KB
TK-2312-1 pdf[View] [Download] 460KB
TK-2360-E pdf[View] [Download] 518KB
TK-290-11B-E pdf[View] [Download] 442KB
TK-3000-E pdf[View] [Download] 710KB
TK-3000-T pdf[View] [Download] 710KB
TK-3180-E pdf[View] [Download] 454KB
TK-3302-1 pdf[View] [Download] 468KB
TK-3312-1 pdf[View] [Download] 460KB
TK-3360-E pdf[View] [Download] 518KB
TK-7180-E pdf[View] [Download] 458KB
TK-7189-E pdf[View] [Download] 458KB
TK-7302-1 pdf[View] [Download] 701KB
TK-7360-E pdf[View] [Download] 700KB
TK-8180-E pdf[View] [Download] 458KB
TK-8189-E pdf[View] [Download] 458KB
TK-8302-1 pdf[View] [Download] 701KB
TK-8360-E pdf[View] [Download] 700KB
TK-D240-E pdf[View] [Download] 709KB
TK-D340-E pdf[View] [Download] 709KB
TK-D740-E pdf[View] [Download] 704KB
TK-D840-E pdf[View] [Download] 704KB
TKR-750 pdf[View] [Download] 455KB
TKR-751 pdf[View] [Download] 458KB
TKR-850 pdf[View] [Download] 455KB
TKR-851-1 pdf[View] [Download] 458KB
TKR-D710-E pdf[View] [Download] 711KB
TKR-D810-E pdf[View] [Download] 711KB

DECT intercom System

Product Name File Download File Size(KB)
WD-K10BS pdf[View] [Download] 454KB
WD-K10PBS pdf[View] [Download] 460KB
WD-K10TR pdf[View] [Download] 456KB


Product Name File Download File Size(KB)
KCH-20R-M pdf[View] [Download] 454KB
KMC-47GPS pdf[View] [Download] 54KB
KMC-47GPSD pdf[View] [Download] 419KB


Product Name File Download File Size(KB)
KMC-38GPS pdf[View] [Download] 61KB
KMC-48GPS pdf[View] [Download] 418KB
NX-200-E pdf[View] [Download] 73KB
NX-200-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 73KB
NX-200S-E pdf[View] [Download] 73KB
NX-300-E pdf[View] [Download] 73KB
NX-300-E4 pdf[View] [Download] 73KB
NX-300S-E pdf[View] [Download] 73KB
TH-F7E pdf[View] [Download] 69KB
TH-K2E pdf[View] [Download] 63KB
TH-K2ET pdf[View] [Download] 63KB
TH-K4E pdf[View] [Download] 63KB
TK-2140 pdf[View] [Download] 78KB
TK-2140-1 pdf[View] [Download] 74KB
TK-2160 pdf[View] [Download] 76KB
TK-2170-E pdf[View] [Download] 65KB
TK-2170-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 65KB
TK-2170HNT-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 65KB
TK-2185-E pdf[View] [Download] 70KB
TK-2202-E pdf[View] [Download] 80KB
TK-2260EX-E pdf[View] [Download] 73KB
TK-3140-1 pdf[View] [Download] 78KB
TK-3140-3 pdf[View] [Download] 78KB
TK-3160-1 pdf[View] [Download] 76KB
TK-3160-3 pdf[View] [Download] 76KB
TK-3170-E pdf[View] [Download] 65KB
TK-3170-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 65KB
TK-3170-E4 pdf[View] [Download] 65KB
TK-3170-E6 pdf[View] [Download] 65KB
TK-3201 pdf[View] [Download] 124KB
TK-3202-E pdf[View] [Download] 79KB
TK-3202-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 79KB
TK-3260EX-E pdf[View] [Download] 76KB
TK-3301-1 pdf[View] [Download] 65KB
TK-3302-3 pdf[View] [Download] 71KB
TK-7160-E pdf[View] [Download] 628KB
TK-7162-E pdf[View] [Download] 628KB
TK-7185-E pdf[View] [Download] 75KB
TK-8160-E pdf[View] [Download] 628KB
TK-8160-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 628KB
TK-8162-E pdf[View] [Download] 628KB
TK-8162-E3 pdf[View] [Download] 628KB
TK-D200-E pdf[View] [Download] 86KB
TK-D200-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 86KB
TK-D200G-E pdf[View] [Download] 86KB
TK-D200G-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 86KB
TK-D300-E pdf[View] [Download] 86KB
TK-D300-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 86KB
TK-D300G-E pdf[View] [Download] 86KB
TK-D300G-E2 pdf[View] [Download] 86KB
TKR-740 pdf[View] [Download] 72KB
TKR-851-3 pdf[View] [Download] 68KB
TM-271E pdf[View] [Download] 67KB
TM-D710E pdf[View] [Download] 72KB
TS-590S pdf[View] [Download] 68KB
UBZ-LJ8 pdf[View] [Download] 70KB

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