800MHz FM Portable Radio tk-480

Elements of a Premium Radio Product

A premium radio product requires years of communications equipment experience and a strict adherence to high standards in design, manufacturing and quality assurance. KENWOOD facilities are proud to be internationally recognized as ISO-9001 certified and are pleased to bring "practical innovation" for the rigors of the real world by offering the TK-480 portables.


The TK-480 meet or exceed tough U.S. Department of Defense environmental standards in addition to KENWOOD's own technical and industrial standards.

DIE-Cast Chassis

The monocoque aluminum die-cast chassis-heat sink borrows a principal from aircraft construction for rigid strength. Surrounding this and forming an integral part of the chassis, is the super-tough polycarbonate case to provide years of durability.

Weather-Sealed Universal Connector

The universal accessory connector and battery contacts use spring action gold-alloy elements for excellent contact, conductivity and anti-corrosive properties. The universal connector is designed to mate with KENWOOD audio accessories such as the KMC-25 and still maintain the MIL-STD 810C, D & E.


Elements like the polyvinyl keypad membrane and speaker cone prevent moisture penetration for confident wet weather use.

Elements of a Premium Radio Product

A premium radio design like the TK-480 portables use state-of-the art surface mount technology, multiple layer epoxy PC boards, high-level integrated circuits and hybrid components to create a symphony of compact, rugged and power efficient performance.

High Output Audio

The TK-480 have an extra large 1.58 inch speaker element and half watt of audio power that provides robust clarity in noisy crowds and industrial environments.

Extra-Long Battery Life

The KNB-16A 1100 mAh and KNB-17A 1500 mAh batteries deliver better than 8 and 10 hours life respectively on a single charge (5-5-90 duty).

World Class Performance

Take a look inside and compare! You'll see a culmination of over 50 years of world class design experience that gives the TK-480 their excellent receiver and transmitter characteristics making them equally at home in urban or rural environments. The high stability oscillators, efficient MOS-FET power modules and advanced filtering are only part of what give the TK-480 both the protection and power to become the key complement to any well designed radio system.

Elements of a Premium Radio Product

A premium radio product must be easy to setup, use and maintain. The TK-480 is the latest example of this by combining advanced ergonomic functionality in a lightweight and balanced package.

Dot Matrix LCD Display

The 12 character LCD employs simple easy-to-read alphanumerics and icons for operational and status indications.

Ten Charactor Alphanumeric

A full 10 character alphanumeric represents each talk group, division, department or site name.

Light Control

Manual and auto-shutoff control of the key back-lighting and LCD lamp facilities safe nighttime operation without excessive battery drain.

Home System/Group

At the press of a key, the radio unit is instantly reset to a primary trunk site (or channel) and talk group without having to switch system and group controls. This functions is extremely useful in multiple system/group programmed radios (fixed revert).

Multiple Scanning Functions

System scan and group scan permit monitoring multiple systems and talk groups for calls. Priority scanning is available within programmed conventional systems. Scan lists can be altered with the Add/Delete features.

Key Lock

Prevents missed calls due to accidental system/group setting changes.

Mil-Spec Speaker MIC with Unique Controls

When a KMC-25 MIL-SPEC speaker microphone option is attached it forms an integral part of the radio and meets all the same MIL-STD 810C, D & E specifications as the radio. A screw mount connector provides a secure electrical and mechanical binding and weather-resistant seals, O-rings and bushings keep out moisture, dirt and grime. The KMC-25 has two unique top keys that can be programmed for repetitive user functions such as home select, monitor or high/low power. The recessed orange key is ideally positioned as an auxiliary emergency ANI key since calling in for assistance and emergency are usually related actions.

Cellphone Dialing Features

DTMF keypad models include dialing features for telephone and/or PBX access such as 32 memory auto-dialer with alpha-tags, store and send, last number re-dial, and more.

PC Programming and Tunning

Radio parameter programming and tuning can be accomplished via the universal accessory connector from a PC-compatible computer without ever having to open the radio saving both time and expense (KPG-35D software and KPG-36 cable options required).

Selective Calling

A built-in feature, DTMF decode allows a supervisor or dispatcher to selectively "page" individuals and groups via numeric codes (millions of codes possible). Even TK-480 keypad models can perform this for portable-toportable selective paging. This feature is economical to implement in any radio system.

Over-The-Air Disable

Another part of the DTMF decode feature is the disable function whereby individual units can have their transmitter or both transmitter and receiver disabled by sending it a pre-programmed disable code. This provides a simple method for rendering lost or stolen portables useless. The unit can be re-activated the same way.

Elements of a Premium Radio Product

A premium radio like the TK-480 has the ability to be tailored to the user and the room to expand as system or user needs expand.

Custom Keys

The TK-480 portables offer a choice of twenty-seven programmable feature settings that can be assigned to any one of seven keys allowing the radio to be customized for either simple or elaborate user needs.

High Capacity Design

The 32 system and flexible group capacity accommodates multiple-site and talk-group organization for any type private system or commercial network.

Flash Rom Advantage

Planning for the future of system architectural changes and custom needs, the KENWOOD TK-480 Series portables have main and reserve Flash ROM memory caches to accommodate KENWOOD enhanced protocols for networked systems and advanced feature sets.

Elements of a Premium Radio Product

In today's world, portable communications is as important as any other trade tool. Compromised communications can put life, property and business at risk.

Encryption Control

Add secure voice communications for law enforcement or private security. An internal port permits addition of optional modules to provide voice scrambling from low level inversion to high level encryption types. The radio's programming provides both automatic and manual control for clear and coded modes.

PC Programming and Tunning

Unit ID and emergency ANI for computer-aided dispatch operations can be added with optional modules. The recessed orange key is specifically designed for emergency ANI triggering.

Radio Password

Preventing unauthorized use of lost or stolen portables, this feature requires a four digit access code to be entered every time the radio is powered up (DTMF keypad models only).

Anti-Piracy Coded Radio Lock Protection

Prevents portable cloning and extraction of the radios program information without the proper technician entered six digit password. This data transfer password is a system managers first line of defense against piracy and enhancing system security.

Embedded Massage

Deep inside the radios Flash ROM memory, an electronic message can be stored containing owner identification, property I.D. numbers, user and department names, service records, etc. A radio can be electronically identified even if external labels, markings or factory serial numbers have been removed.

other features

- Companded Audio (TK-481)
- Coded Squelch (QT/DQT)
- Talk Around
- Busy Channel Lockout
- High/Low Power
- Time-Out Timer
- Low Battery Alert
- Two Color LED
- Busy LED Control
- Annunciator Tones
- Minimum Volume

General Features

32 Systems / 250 Groups
Trunked & Conventional Systems
Weather-Resistance Seals
Die-Cast Chassis
High Output Speaker
Multiple Scan Functions
Dot Matrix LCD
10 Ccharactor Alphanumeric
Backlit Keys
Cellphone Dialing Features
Coded Squelch (QT/DQT)
Security Features
Flash Rom Advantage