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Send work instructions to your staff at one time

You can send out your
instructions instantly

Just press a button to communicate.
No dialing required.
Your message will be sent instantly.

Reliable even during power outage

You can use the unit even during power outage where you cannot use a cellular phone.

You can use battery charger for smartphones

You can use your smart phone battery charger equipped with micro USB. This product comes without battery charger.

*The transceiver cannot be used while charging.

High function transceiver that Advances your business


Comes with a flashlight function for usage during emergencies and even in dark areas.

Built-in 3.5D Jack

Connect your headphones / earphones in a noisy environment. Also useful for private communications.

*Headphones and earphones are not supplied with the unit.

PTT Switch

Just press a button to communicate.

KENWOOD Superior Sound

Its voice output is clear and easy to listen.

Multi-colored LED

Transceiver’s status such as transmission status and battery level is easily recognizable with color and blinking light.