VHF/UHF MPT1327 Portable Radios TK-2178/3178

General Features

-136-174, 400-430, 440-480, 350-390MHz
-4W RF Output
-8Character LCD Display
-Wide/Narrow channels
-Built-in Voice Inversion Scrambler
-Emergency keys
-Built-in VOX
-IP54/55 Environmental protection
-MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F
-7 programmable keys
-Companded audio

MPT1327/1343 Features

-Compatible with MPT1327/1343
-8 Network Capacity
-Multi-Site Networking Trunking
-Single-Site Trunking
-Network Roaming / Registration
-Individual Call (Private Call)
-Group Call
-Broadcast Call
-Inter-fleet Call
-Inter-prefix Call
-Priority Call
-Emergency Call
-Pre-emptive Emergency
-99 Call and Group Address List
-Group Scan
-Background Hunt
-MAP27 data interface
-GPS connection capable

Conventional Features

-32Channels (per Network)
-12.5/25kHz Channel Spacing
-QT/DQT Encode & Decode
-Scan, Scan Del/Add
-Time Out Timer
-Busy Channel Lockout

Intrinsically Safe Option

-CQST Approvals with KNB-40LC Li-ion IS Battery
-Gas: ExibIIBT3
-Dust: DIP A22 TA, T3
-3W RF Output