Direct OEM Steering Remote Function

The information for each vehicle above was investigated by
JVCKENWOOD Asia Headquaters,
and may not cover all of the connector types.
Please contact your local KENWOOD Electronics dealers for details.

*Location of Steering Remote Connector

If the vehicle is equipped
with an OEM steering
remote controller, the steering
remote connector is commonly
located in the console.

*How to view Steering Remote Connector

All steering wheel remote controls
above are vehicle side connectors
and drawn from the side.
(view indicated by arrow)

*Steering Remote Cable (included in the unit)

1) Look for a steering remote connector that is the same shape as in the image above in the
2) Connect “Input 1”, “Input 2” and “ST REMOTE GND” to the pins shown in matching colors on the above list of connectors.

ex) DDX7016BTM

  • Press this icon.
  • Press “SETUP”
  • Select “System”
  • Select “User Interface”
  • Select “Steering
    Remote Controller”
  • Press and hold the
    “Volume Up” button
  • This icon appears.
  • Press “Volume Up Icon”
  • The functions will be syncronize
  • Repeat the same procedure.