FM Frequency Range
(Frequency step)
87.9MHz - 107.9MHz(200kHz)
Channel Space Selection 50k/200kHz
Usable Sensitivity
Quieting Sensitivity
S/N 50dB
Frequency Response
S/N 70dB(MONO)
Selectivity ≧80dB(±400kHz)
Stereo Separation 40dB(1kHz)
AM Frequency Range
(Frequency step)
530kHz - 1700kHz(10kHz)
Channel Space Selection 9k/10kHz
Usable Sensitivity
28dBμ (25μv)
Preout Level(mV)/Load-Unbalanced 2500mV/10kΩ(USB)
Preout Impedance(Ω) ≦600Ω
Speaker Impedance(Ω) 4-8Ω
USB I/F USB USB 1.1/2.0 Full speed
File System FAT 16/32
Maximum Supply current 500mA
D/A Converter 24 Bit
Frequency Response 10-20kHz(±1dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.010%(1kHz)
S/N Ratio (dB) 105dB(1kHz)
Dynamic Range 93dB
MP3 decode Compliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3
WMA decode Compliant with Windows Media Audio
AAC Decode AAC-LC".m4a" files
WAV Signal Linear-PCM
AUX Input Frequency Response 20~20KHz±1dB
Input Maximum Voltage 1200mV
Input Impedance 100KΩ
AMP Maximum Power 50wx4
Full Bandwidth Power
(at less than 1%THD)
TONE Bass 100Hz±8dB
Middle 1kHz±8dB
Treble 10kHz±8dB
GENE Operating voltage
(11~16v allowable)
Current Consumption 10A
Compartment Installation Size (W)
Installation Size (H)
Installation Size (D)
180(mm) 7-1/16(in)
50(mm) 1-15/16(in)
138(mm) 5-7/16{in)
Dimensions (W)
Dimensions (H)
Dimensions (D)
197(mm) 7-3/4(in)
90 (mm) 3-9/16(in)
188(mm) 7-3/8(in)
Weight 1.02(kg) 2.25(lbs)
B.Box Dimensions (W)
Dimensions (H)
Dimensions (D)
243(mm) 9-9/16(in)
52(mm) 2-1/16(in)
169(mm) 6-5/8(in)
Weight 0.97(kg)2.14(lbs)