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About the Bluetooth module firmware updater
Be sure to read the following instructions.
Bluetooth module firmware update Procedure
Update file is different by model. Refer to <Target Models> for the models which update is necessary.
Use the USB flash memory as the update media.
Update cannot be performed with Disc media (CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW).
Be sure to park the vehicle in a safe place before updating. Keep the engine running in order to prevent battery from running out.
Do not turn off the engine or Navigation/Multimedia receiver power while updating. Update cannot be performed correctly and the Navigation/Multimedia receiver may become unusable.
  Note: Please be advised that the settings on Your KENWOOD Audio Product will be cleared further to completing the Software Update, i.e. Paired Phones, User Settings, Voice Tags.
This document describes the procedure and precautions for upgrading the Bluetooth Module firmware.
If an error occurs while updating the firmware, the Bluetooth Module may become unusable.
Be sure to read the following procedure and precautions carefully before updating the firmware.
If you can use your cell-phone without problems, you do not need to update the firmware.
    Target Firmware
This updater can be used to update the following firmware version:
  Ver 1.43 or earlier
To check the firmware version, refer to "Checking the Firmware Version" below for information on how to check the firmware version.
By executing this updater, the firmware version will become "Ver. 1.60".
    Target Models
This updater can be used to update the firmware of the following models.
  DNX8120, DNX8220BT, DDX812, DDX8032BT, DDX8022BT, DDX8022BTY, DDX8032BTM
    Work Flow
Preparation Check the firmware version and cell phone to check whether firmware update is required.
Step 1 Download the firmware update File and copy it to the USB Thumb Drive.
Step 2 Updating the Program
Step 3 Check that the firmware has been updated.
    Checking the Firmware Version
1 Display the Source Select screen
Press the [SRC] button.
2 Select the STANDBY
Press the [STANDBY] button.
3 Enter Setup Menu
Press the [SETUP] button.
4 Display the Software Information screen
Press the [Software Information] button.
5 The firmware version appears
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    Step1: Before You Get Started
1 Insert a USB Thumb Drive into an available USB port on your computer.
2 Download the Update File
Download   (1,214KB)
3 Copy the Update File to the Root Directory of the USB Thumb Drive.
4 Close the file and remove the USB Thumb Drive from your computer.
    Step2: Updating the Program
1 Insert the USB Thumb Drive into the USB Cable
Do not insert the USB Thumb Drive into the USB port labeled iPod.
2 Select the STANDBY
2-1 Press the [SELECT] button.

2-2 Press the [STANDBY] button.
3 Enter Setup Menu
Press the [SETUP] button.
4 Display the Software Information screen
Press the [Software Information] button.
5 Starting the Update
Press the [Start] button.

Caution: The screen may go blank for a few seconds.
Do not unplug the USB Thumb Drive or Power Off the unit during the Update Procedure.
6 System Reboot & Software Update Screens
When "Waiting • • •" is displayed, "Now Updating" is also displayed.
7 Once the "Update Completed" screen is displayed, remove the USB Thumb Drive and restart the unit.
This will require you to turn the vehicle ignition to the OFF position.
    Step3: Verify the Bluetooth Firmware Update
Verify that Firmware Version 1.60 has been updated successfully in the KENWOOD unit.
  Refer to <Checking the Firmware Version>.
Your KENWOOD unit now includes the necessary firmware update.
    Troubleshooting Instructions
If the Update file is corrupted
  If the following "Update file error!!" is displayed, the firmware updater file which is copied to the USB thumb drive may be corrupted.
Perform the update procedure from the <Creating the Update Media> again.
Bluetooth Module Software Update Procedure(250KB)
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