01 Apr 2013

    KENWOOD Launches new SRBR radio the PKT-03


    JVC KENWOOD is introducing a UHF radio the PKT-03, focuses on Indian SRBR market. Orders are being accepted with initial shipments scheduled in March 2013.

    <Main Features>
    - Small Sized & Light Weight packed design
    - Simple & Eazy Operation
    - Micro USB Connector for battery charging and radio setting
    - 3.5D plug jack for general audio accessories
    - Built-in LED Flash Light
    - 4 channels in 325-360MHz, meets Indian SRBR specification
    - Channel Number Voice Annunciation
    - Durable and robust design, meets MIL Standard and IP54

    - Just press a PTT button to communicate. Your voice will be delivered immdiately.
    - The PKT-03 can be put it into your pocket or hung easily with the neck strap.
    - You can use your smart phone battery charger with micro USB connector of the PKT-03.
    - A built-in LED flashlight will be capable for usage during emergencies and even in dark areas.
    - The PKT-03 can improve your work efficiency i.e. by using the PKT-03, you can instruct all your staffs at a time.

    For more details, please visit our product web site;