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A program to improve the function of 2012 Navigation/Multimedia receiver has been released.
About the 2012 Navigation/Multimedia receiver firmware updater
Improved functions
Improved Bluetooth Function.
Improved stability and performance.
Improved performance of music list display and iPod operation.
The firmware for the following products have been updated.
2012MODEL(Group A)
DDX4051BT DDX4031 DDX4031M    
DDX319 DDX3021 DDX3049 DDX3051  
DDX719 DDX7049BT DDX6021BT DDX6051BT  
DDX6031BT DDX6031BTM DDX6031 DDX6031M  
Be sure to read and follow the instructions in the "2012 Navigation/Multimedia receiver Firmware Update Guide."
"2012 Navigation/Multimedia receiver firmware update Guide"(en) download(PDF:317KB)
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