KENWOOD Music Play

Android Music Playback via USB

  • Our products added a new feature to support Android Open Accessory 2.0 (AOA 2.0).
  • If you are using an Android device OS Version 4.1 and above, you are now able to playback music files through our car receiver via USB.
  • If installing “KENWOOD Music Play APP” in your Android phone, you will be able to browse your music file stored in your phone. (see KENWOOD Music Play)

KENWOOD Receiver Supported Models for Music playback with Android Device.

DDX23BT, DDX3016, DDX316, DDX316M, DDX373BT, DDX393, DDX4016BT, DDX4016BTR, DDX4016DAB, DDX416BT, DDX416BTM, DDX573BH, DDX593, DDX6016, DDX6016BT, DDX6016BTM, DDX6016BTR, DDX6016W, DDX616WBT, DDX616WBTM, DDX773BH, DDX793,

DPX-3000U, DPX-5000BT, DPX-7000DAB, DPX-U5140, DPX-U5140BT, DPX-U520, DPX-U530, DPX-U720BT, DPX-U730BT,
DPX206U, DPX301U, DPX302U, DPX306BT, DPX406DAB, DPX501BT, DPX502BT, DPX520BT, DPX592BT, DPX702BH, DPX791BH, DPX792BH,

KDC-100UA, KDC-100UB, KDC-100UBS, KDC-100UG, KDC-100UR, KDC-100UW, KDC-1010U, KDC-102U, KDC-102UR, KDC-10UR, KDC-115U, KDC-121RY, KDC-122U, KDC-125U, KDC-131Y, KDC-150RY, KDC-151UBM, KDC-161URM, KDC-162U, KDC-164UB, KDC-164UG, KDC-164UR, KDC-165U, KDC-170Y, KDC-181UWM, KDC-200UB, KDC-200UV, KDC-220U, KDC-262U, KDC-264UB, KDC-265U, KDC-300UV, KDC-300UVM, KDC-364U,
KDC-MP162U, KDC-MP165U, KDC-MP2062U, KDC-MP2065U, KDC-MP262U, KDC-MP3062U, KDC-MP3065U, KDC-MP362BT, KDC-MP365BT,
KDC-U2063, KDC-U2163B, KDC-U2263R, KDC-U2363G, KDC-U263A, KDC-U263B, KDC-U263R, KDC-U363, KDC-U463, KDC-U563BT,
KDC-X300, KDC-X399, KDC-X500, KDC-X5000BT, KDC-X599, KDC-X700, KDC-X799,

KMM-101AY, KMM-101GY, KMM-101RY, KMM-102, KMM-102AY, KMM-102GY, KMM-102RY, KMM-112, KMM-115, KMM-121Y, KMM-122Y, KMM-202, KMM-264, KMM-303BT,
KMM-BT3012U, KMM-BT302, KMM-BT312U, KMM-BT315, KMM-BT315U, KMM-BT32U, KMM-BT35, KMM-U11, KMM-U21, KMM-U51BT,

RDT-171, RDT-181,

U300, U300BT, U300MS, U300R, U310, U310BT, U310R, U350BT, U400, U400BMS, U400BT, U410BT

Compatible on Android™ Device Models

Manufacture Model Android OS Version Playback Music file Remarks
With Bluetooth Connected Without Bluetooth Connected
Samsung Galaxy S5 5.0 -
Samsung Galaxy S5 4.4.2 *1, *5, *10
Samsung Galaxy S4 5.0.1 -
Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4.2 *1
Samsung Galaxy S4 4.3 *1
Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 *1
Samsung Galaxy S2 4.1.2 *2, *9
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 4.2.2 -
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4.3 -
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 4.4.2 *1, *10
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 4.3 *1, *10
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 4.2.2 *1
Google Samsung Nexus 4.3 *1
Google Samsung Nexus 4.2.1 *1
Google Samsung Nexus S 4.1.2 *1, *7
Google LG Nexus 5 5.1.1 *1
Google Asus Nexus 7 4.4.2 *3
Sony Xperia Z 4.4.2 *6, *8, *10
Sony Xperia Z1 5.0.2 *6, *8, *10
Sony Xperia Sp 4.3 *6, *8, *10
Sony Xperia C 4.2.2 *6, *8, *10
Sony Xperia A 4.2.2 *6, *8, *10
Sony Xperia Z2 (L50T) 4.4.2 *6, *8, *10
Sony Walkman NW-F886 4.1.1 N/A *3
HuaWei Ascend Y511 4.2.2 *1
HuaWei Ascend P7 4.4.2 *2
HuaWei Ascend P6 4.2.2 *2
HuaWei Ascend G6 4.3 *1
Xiao Mi Redmi 4.2.2 *1
Xiao Mi Redmi Note 4.2.2 *1
Xiao Mi Mi 2 4.1.1 *2
Xiao Mi Mi 1S 4.1.2 *2
Xiao Mi Mi 1 4.1.2 *2
Motorola Moto G 5.0.2 *1
HTC HTC One (M8) 5.0.1 *1
HTC HTC One 5.0.2 *4
HTC HTC J One 4.2.2 *2
LG G2 4.4.2 -
LG LG isai 4.2.2 N/A *3
Fujitsu Arrows X 4.4.2 *2
OPPO N1 4.2.2 *2
Lenovo Vibe X S960 4.2.2 -
VIVO Vivo Y11 4.2.2 -
Acer Liquid S2 4.2.2 -

at 8/JUNE/2015

: Able to Playback

: Unable to Playback

N/A : Not applicable Bluetooth function

  • *1 Initial ringtone distortion may occur on Android device during incoming call while playback at Android source with Bluetooth connected.
  • *2 This Android device does not support playback at Android source (AOA 2.0).
  • *3 Only checked for Play/ Pause/ Forward skip/Back skip.
  • *4 The sound output from Android device instead of KENWOOD receiver in Android source.
  • *5 Sometimes sound does not output from KENWOOD receiver in Android source (BROWSE MODE).
  • *6 Sometimes sound distortion occurs during initial playback of each song in Android Source (BROWSE MODE).
  • *7 The sound does not output from the phone speaker during call conversation while playback at Android source via USB without Bluetooth connected.
  • *8 Sometimes track playback hang in Android Source (BROWSE MODE).
  • *9 Android device will auto reboot when the Android device connects to KENWOOD receiver.
  • *10 Android device may auto reboot when unplug USB without pressing safely remove button on KENWOOD Music Play Apps at Android device.

* Depending on the OS or the firmware version of the smartphone, Bluetooth features may not work. Refer to the website or FAQ provided by the smartphone supplier for more information.

Technical Information

This Music file Playback feature is using Android Open Accessory 2.0 (AOA 2.0) technology.


  • Android OS Version 4.1 and above
  • Some Android devices may not fully support AOA 2.0 even OS Version 4.1 and above.

Main Features:

  • Audio Over USB. (Digital Audio)
    • - All the audio will be routed to USB Audio when an accessory is connected to the Android device.
    • - Only 44.1kHz 16 bit PCM data format is supported by Android devices.
  • Media Control communication channel
    • - Media control command (such as Play/pause, next, previous etc..) can be sent from accessory to Android device.
    • - Android device will start default media player app to handle the media control command.
    • - It is the same behaviour as Bluetooth Audio media control.
  • Custom communication channel between Android device and accessory

Android Open Accessory (AOA) is introduced by Google to allow accessories (such as audio dock or other music playback device) to communicate with Android devices via USB. Once an Android device is connected with an accessory, the Android device treats the accessory as a standard audio output device, hence all the audio will be routed to the accessory.

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